At Eternity Communications we are all about keeping things simple, we realise that the new internet world can be quite daunting and mystical, our job is to take filter through the complexities for you, and to come up with solutions that work for our customers. We see it as our job to continually keep up to date with technology and so that we can help to raveling the complexities that surround the various internet solutions available for business.

 We have partnered with all the major providers and not only have access to all the possible solutions available, but we have access to these solution through the different provides, this we believe puts us in a great position to be able to get you the best solution at the best possible price.

 Here are the various internet solutions available:

 nbn™ (National Broadband Network)

nbn™  (National Broadband Network) – In simple terms this new roll out will to improve the internet connectivity, availability, stability and speed.  In the most part this service is delivered via Fibre Optic which is a far more reliable and stable medium for the delivery of internet services.

More details on what you need to know, what you need to do and what options are available for businesses about the nbn™ can be found in our nbn™ technology section.

 Consumer Internet ADSL/ADSL2+

Consumer Internet – This is typically the service that is delivered by most providers to residential homes. The main constraint with this service is that it is highly populated by users and as a result during peak times the internet speed can slow down considerably. The main things affecting this service, is the quality of the line, distance from the exchange and number of users on the network at the same time.

 Business Internet ADSL/ADSL2+

Business Internet  – This is quite different to the consumer offering in that it is less populated as the traditional consumer service. As a result the quality and reliability of the internet service is more robust and the fluctuations in the internet speed is much less even during peak times. This service also comes with certain service level agreements which means that any issues will be handled with a high priority. The main thing effecting this service is the quality of the line and distance from the exchange.

SHDSL Internet (Symmetrical High Speed Digital Subscriber Line)

SSHDSL is also known as IPLine and Ethernet Over Copper (EOC) with this service users can be assured that the download speeds match the upload speed, where both upload and download speeds are symmetrical. This service is particularly advantageous for companies using Cloud services where their download and upload is quite high. This can come in a number of different configurations depending on the customers needs, the quality of copper and distance from the exchange.

Data Advantage (DA) Telstra

Data Advantage – is a service offered only by Telstra, essentially it is SHDSL, but supplied by Telstra only and branded as DA (Digital Advantage), this service can come in two forms Ethernet Over Copper  (EOC) and over fiber.

Fiber to the Basement

Fiber to the Basement, is ideal for companies that require high reliability, high speed and large throughput from their internet service. For companies interested in Fiber to the Basement, Eternity Communications would be happy to work with you to scope out the opportunity and to work on a feasibility study for the implementation and ongoing costs.