At Eternity Communications we are all about unraveling the complexities that surround mobile phones, data and plans. We like to keep things simple for you the customer, so we don’t mind doing the work and putting in the extra effort. At the same time it’s about quality of service and making sure our customers get the best possible deal.

We have partnered with two providers and a number of hardware distributors both locally and internationally that enable us to provide our customers with the right solutions. We are able to connect customers to both the Telstra and Vodafone networks, the Telstra network which offers the best footprint and coverage here in Australia and the Vodafone network which offers the best competitive plans domestically and a great international footprint and international roaming deals.

Mobile BYO Phone SIM Only Plans

SIM Only – This offers customer with a great opportunity to BYO there own mobile phone or other device and take advantage of some great rates and plan.

Mobile Phone Bundle Packages

Mobile Phone Bundles – here you can bundle the mobile that you like with one of our great mobile plans.

Mobile Date Plans

Data Plans– these come in SIM only and monthly plans for use with product that only use data, such as wireless routers, tables and laptops.

Mobile Phones and Data Products 

We have access to a range of mobile phones, mobile data products and accessories.