What we’re about…

A new kind of service provider offering outstanding service, innovative products and flexible communications solutions catered to your business needs.

 Here to challenge the traditional, the norm and the status quo when it comes to business communications. Most businesses feel that they have no option but to stick with the big Telco companies. We are here to change this perception.

Eternity Communications is a new kind of communications service provider, offering world class, business grade and affordable communication services to Australian businesses. Operating for more than 10 years and with over 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry, we are here to fill the gap in the Australian Communications market.

Our goal is to provide a viable alternative to the big Telco companies who offer the same inflexible solutions, the same poor service and excessive high prices. At Eternity Mobiles we want to change this model as we continually surprise our customers with exceptional service, innovative products and always delivering world class communication solutions. Our ability to bring everything together by sourcing the best suppliers for your business needs means we can provide you with the best communication solutions at competitive rates, reducing your costs significantly.

Our business mission is to deliver a level of service that constantly surprises our customers. Our customer promise is: that It is always about you – the customer, to provide trusted, honest and accurate advice on all things Communications, to provide quality solutions that are tailored for your business needs and to keep your business communications running efficiently.

We will always put you, the customer first. We are based locally; our Australian based call center staff are highly qualified and committed to our vision of exceptional customer service across all areas of our business. We will provide you with trusted, honest and accurate advice on all aspects of Communications. We also don’t keep you waiting for extended hold time when you call. We are always one call away from providing sound advice of resolving an issue. Essentially, we care about your business and it success. We do our job well so it frees you up to do your job.

What We Do?

We find the right communication solution for your business (we make it work better so that it cost you less)

Eternity Communications does all the hard work for you. We combine our understanding of traditional communications with the power and possibilities of new and emerging communications technologies. We are able to integrate solutions so that they all work seamlessly and efficiently across all communications mediums such as fixed, mobile, internet, e-mail and emerging technologies.

After meeting and working closely with you to determine your current and future communication requirements, we:

  • Analyse your current communications set up, and based on our initial discussion determine how this set up is servicing your business.

  • Check to see what changes can be made that would better service your business needs, changes to the current setup with your current provider and/or with different providers.

  • Provide a comprehensive report outlining our findings and discuss and explain these with you.

  • You can then choose to take these recommendations to your current provider or you can chose to work through us, with no pressure or commitment to do either.

  • Find the best suppliers to provide a quality unique solution that is tailored for your business needs.

  • Provide you with periodic reviews, this enable us to changes or tweaks ensuring your communications set up is relevant to changes within your business.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with Superior Service, innovative products and the flexibility of local business. Our solutions are catered to your unique business needs and we help you transition as your business needs change

At Eternity Communications we have developed an extensive network of partnerships with all the major service provides (this includes the big Telco companies), thus we have access to a complete range of communication solutions from ranging from fixed line telephony, fixed internet, mobile services and devices (mobile phone and data devices). We can also assist with e-mail hosting and setup and provide maintenance and support for everything we implement. We make sure that everything integrates and works seamlessly.

This gives us access to the full suite of available services and the ability to pick the best service for each customer at the best price, where we are independent and not limited to one provider’s network and product offering. This makes us unique and places us in the best position to provide businesses with the best solutions.

Our main strengths are that we continually track the market for new products and developments to ensure that we are up to date with market trends and the latest products/services. We have established relationships many providers which include Telstra, Optus, AAPT and Vodafone just to mention a few, this gives us access to all possible solutions and services available. This means we can provide the best solution for your business, unlike most of our competitors who have only one range to choose from.

We take very seriously the opportunity and the privilege that our customers give us to partner with them and entrusting us with their business communications and we will not let them down.